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The V-Cycle Collection

The first upcycling collection by Veras

Made 100% from worn-out textiles and locally produced by women in Copenhagen

“We have chosen to work with quilts and laundry bags, as these are textiles that can be difficult to recycle. It is easy to re-sew a cotton cloth or a dishtowel, but in Veras we see value in all clothes, therefore it was important for us to choose sligthly more difficult fabrics – and give these kinds of fabrics new life by transforming them into items that everyone wants and can use”

Rebecca Vera, CEO & founder of Veras

What makes The V-Cycle Collection sustainable?

Made from worn-out textiles

All items are made from 100% worn-out quilts or laundry bags

Locally sourced and produced

The textiles are sourced in Denmark and all items are sewn in Copenhagen

Sewn by women and socially vulnerable

Jackets by women at Veras, and totebags by the NGO, Huset Venture


All items are made-to-order and has a production time of 2-3 weeks to limit stock and minimize waste


The uniqueness enforces the symbolic value of the product and makes you wanna keep it forever and ever-ever!

Sustainable to the core

The materials are 100% worn-out textiles. But sustainability permeates the collection to the core – from design to production

You are unique – and so is your #VcycleDFD jacket!

Costumize it and make it your own <3

1. Pick a jacket

Go short and cool or long and ladylike

2. Pick a pattern

Comes in blue dots, green stripes or grey stripes

3. Pick accessories

Get a lace closing, belt and/or pockets

4. Pick a color

Dye the jacket with Dylon textile dye or leave it clean

“It was very important to us that the items could be used in different ways and customized personally by everyone who owns them. We know that the customer has a lot more love for unique styles than mass produced items. By creating unique recycled items, we ensure that the future owners take extra care of their styles and give them life for many years to come”

Rebecca Vera, CEO & founder of Veras

Shop totebags

Made 100% from worn-out laundry bags and sewn by socially vulnerable women in Denmark

Production time: 2-3 hours

Shop jackets

Made 100% from worn-out quilts and sewn in Veras’ sewing room in Copenhagen

Production time: 6-11 hours


Veras new upcycling & repair initiative

“We wish to close the loop completely in Veras circular univers! One step is to upcycle and repair the second hand clothes we receive, but which are too worn-out to sell, and today is donated to the right NGOs. We want full controll and traceability of all our clothes!”

Rebecca Vera, CEO & Founder

Thank you <3

Thanks to all the people who helped bring this collection to life. Thank you for the execution, Silja Arum og Emma DeMay, og thank you to Huset Venture for sewing the totebags. Pictures styled by Rebecca Vera og photographed bySarah Buthmann. Video by Stinna Skrivergaard, sound by LLOEVE.

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