About Veras' secondhand & vintage concept & Veras Market

About Veras & Veras Market – in English

Everything you need to know about Veras’ sustainable exchange clothing concept and Veras Market.

Veras is a sustainable and circular recycling and exchange clothing concept founded in 2015 by Rebecca Vera Stahnke. Veras has created its own circular ecosystem that combines fashion and sustainability to stop clothing waste. You can use Veras in 3 different ways: 1. Exhange your clothes for new 2. Buy all of our second hand clothing handed in by others for DKK 3. Sell you clothes with a stall at Veras Market. Read more about it all below!

About Veras Market

Veras Market is one of the most popular second hand clothing markets in Denmark. The Markets are always filled with fashionable flealovers as well as experienced sellers who hang out on Sundays and spot trendy bargains – or simply just chill with their crew.


At Veras Market men and women can sell their clothes if they buy a stall. The markets are located in Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus. In Odense the markets are always held at Storms Pakhus on the 1. Sunday in each month. In Copenhagen the markets are held under Bispeengbuen (adress: Bispeengen 12) in Frederiksberg during the summer and Nørrebrohallen which is located in the heart of Nørrebro in the winter. Se all future events and times for Veras Market.

Buy a stall here – and rent a table or rack if you wish

About Veras: Our mission

Veras mission is to contribute to a greener world by minimizing the amount of clothing waste. Veras wants to change the Danes consumer behavior by using existing resources and recycled their clothing items through Veras and therefore minimizing the amount of newly purchased clothes and the amount of discarded clothing.


Veras gives everyone the opportunity to shop without having to compromise with the environment and everyone can easily renew their wardrobe in a sustainable way. Through Veras circular clothes and exchange concept in the stores and our reusable clothing markets, Veras Market, women can exchange or sell their clothes and that way renew their closets in a sustainable way.

How the exhange system works

At Veras you earn points by delivering your unwanted clothes. Users switches clothes to points from a fixed system – and can then can buy new, used items for the points. You will get ⅓ of our selling price of your item paid in points. If you hand in a dress, we can sell for 300 DKK, you will get 100 points on your account – to use now, or later. That’s equal to 100 DKK to spend in Veras on new goodies!


Veras assesses the clothes based on its lifetime. Check here how many points your clothes approximately are worth – but remember, it’s always an individual evaluation based on the quality, brand and style of your clothes. We will value your clothes only when you hand them to us in the store.

Step by step:

How to swap your clothes

It’s simple and easy to exhange your clothes at Veras. First you create an account on our website. If you have a lot of clothes, it’s best to sign up for our membership where you pay a monthly fee at 99,-. As a member you can exhange 20 items a month for free and get 10% off all purchases, including Veras Market stalls. You can also pay with a fee pr. item you exhange for points – that fee is 10 DKK pr. item, and you pay that when you register your clothes in our store.


If you want to pay the fee pr. item, simply create your free account, and that’s it. If you want to be a member, create an account and sign up for our membership.


Then you pack your items (maximum 5 if you want points right away – for bigger amounts please allow up to 1 week for us to value your clothes) and stop by our stores with your stuff. We are located at Studiestræde 27 in Copenhagen – check our opening hours. In the store we will show you how to registrer your clothes (you need to know how many items you have, so please count them before hand).


If you have 5 items or less you will get your points on your account within 30 minutes and can shop straight away at the store. For bigger amounts it can take us up to 1 week. Your points equal money, and they stay active on your account for 1 year. You can use them in our stores, in our webshop and in our Veras stall at Veras Market.

What can I hand in?

Veras is the only clothing concept in Denmark that guarantees value for all clothes – regardless of condition, style and brand. The less used and the better quality the more points it worth. You can deliver all clothes for ladies, as well as accessories such as jewellery, scarfs, shoes in good condition, hats ect. We do not accept: Underwear, swimwear, socks, sweaty sportswear, pantyhoes and shoes that are used.

What do you do with my stuff?

Veras ecosystem guarantees that all clothing submitted has value. Clothing that does not match Veras style in the stores and online lives on in Veras stand at Veras Market, where everything is sold from 20-150 DKK. Clothing that cannot find new owners is donated to charity and recycling stations that recycles the textile fibers.

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